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In the world of SEO and better ranking in the search engines, backlinks play a major role. Almost all the leading search engines rank web pages based on the number of links pointing towards your website. Google uses backlinks as the yardstick of ranking a website. Also, Yahoo and Bing takes account of a backlink as an important factor while ranking websites. So, without proper backlinks, your website cannot have a good ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages. But how can you? Or the question is whether you have provided the right backlinks for your website or not? Well, to help you out with this, ReviveSEO has brought the new ‘Backlink Checker tool’.

At ReviveSEO, all you have to do is to, put your domain name and the ‘Backlink Checker’ Tool will automatically check the backlinks. You will be able to test the 100 most valuable backlinks, at a time, for your URL sorted by the SeoMoz authority. With the help of this free tool, you can check and sort backlinks easily and have better SEO rank too.

So, start sorting up the backlinks from today! Although, it is a complicated process, with our Backlink Checker Tool it will be easier, and your work will be done within a few hours. Check it out now!

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