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Many webmasters provide their email openly on the ‘contact us’ page of the website. It is true that every user always looks for emails of any website for an easier way of connecting, but emails should not be provided openly on the site as many users use it on illegal or spamming purposes. However, many times, emails can be added to the contact us section without the express knowledge of the webmaster. So, at ReviveSEO, we have created the very important and essential tool for SEO– Email Privacy.

This tool is very easy to use and free of cost. It may take a certain amount of time and energy to find whether your website has the email mentioned on it or not, so why not use a simple way to find out? With the help of the Email Privacy, you can easily find out whether your email is on your website or not. Just enter the URL, press the submit button, and within seconds, the results will be in your hand. And if your site shows your email, this tool will provide a modification for email privacy and will help you to hide it too.
So, check now whether your email is showing or not because it might cause serious problems in your professional as well as in personal life. Happy Checking!

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