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About Keyword Density Checker

The ranking of any website in the search engine result pages depends a lot on the keywords. Nowadays, every content writer uses keywords, but only inserting some keywords randomly in content does not always help. The actual need is the perfect density of such keywords. What does mean by density? Well, keyword density is regarded as the percentage of occurrence of your selected keywords in the texts of your websites. But how can someone calculate such percentage? To reach that end, ReviveSEO has brought the new tool named ‘Keyword Density Checker’ or the ‘keyword percentage calculator’.

The keyword density checker at ReviveSEO only needs your website URL to be pasted in the little empty box above. After you press the enter button, the tool will start calculating. It will calculate the phrases that have been repeated more than once and will make a certain percentage out of that in comparison to the total words number.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and every other search engines take account of the keyword density of a page before deciding the ranking of such page. So, it is of immense importance and thus our free tool helps every webmaster to check their keywords density accurately. Happy Checking!

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