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About URL Rewriting Tool

If you think that by creating a successful website, your job is done, you are absolutely wrong. Every small detail is important for website and among that, the URL demands more importance than any other thing. You may have an unnecessarily long URL which is not audience-friendly at all. To solve such problems, ReviveSEO has brought the new URL rewriting tool that helps to cut out dynamic URLs. This tool makes you URL short and user-friendly as well.

There can be three reasons for converting a dynamic URL into a static one. Firstly, static URL ranks better at Search Engine Result Pages. Secondly, Static ones are more helpful in making your website faster than the dynamic URLs. And thirdly, it is user-friendly. So, with the help of our URL rewriting tool, rewrite your dynamic URLs and get your benefits. And apart from the above reasons, static URLs are cleaner and have greater visibility in user’s eyes.

Our rewriting tool uses the Apache’s mod rewrite module to convert a dynamic URL into the search engine friendly static HTML URLs. All you have to do is to copy-paste your dynamic URL in the above box, and our tool with converting them into a static one within minutes. Happy Converting!

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