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For every webmaster, it is important to know how many links have been attached to their website, including internal and external links. But to count the numbers manually is a hectic one and time consuming as well. So, why don’t you take the help of a simple tool to count in behalf of you instead? Well, at ReviveSEO, we have this exclusive Link Count Checker tool, which will analyse your domain URL and give you the number of links within seconds. All you have to do is to copy-paste your website URL in the above empty box and press the submit button.

This internal tool analyser carefully analyses the links that can be detected by the search engine spiders on a particular page of your website. This tool is used for different purposes. Mostly it is used by webmasters to have a check on the external links, and it is not a good idea to publish excessive outgoing links. Also, it is often used for the purpose of link exchange. Webmasters check others website to decide with whom they can trade links. However, it is not wise to trade links with sites having too many outgoing links such as more than 100.

So, make the wise decision in the world of link exchanging by using this Links Count Checker tool. Happy Checking.

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